We were immensely impressed with how the science, knowledge and tools presented by Susannah broadened our understanding of this area.

The delivery and explanations provided were of an excellent standard, purpose driven and relevant. Specific, careful detail was taken to identify the processes of our business with insightful observations and recommendations provided afterwards.

The workshops were interesting and engaging and all levels of staff were given the opportunity to discuss their role. This was very well conducted and received. The material provided during and at the completion of this training captured everything discussed and is now an important reference point.

Our work with Susannah has been of tremendous benefit and will continue to be as we embed more of this approach and culture in our organisation.


Barbara Hayden, Member Services Manager, Capital Credit Union


The CX Change programme was a huge success with our team. Susannah’s initial CX audit and willingness to work around our busy schedule to provide us with a programme specifically designed for our industry was first class. As one of our team put it after the session "We use the phrase ‘customer service’ but we always focus on the service first and customer second and that’s got to change".
Kieran Gallagher, Operations Manager, Golden Discs