Employee Training

CX Change offers customised training programmes designed to suit your business, based on your customer's needs. Staff from all areas of your business will learn how to see the customer's perspective, give the right experience to that individual, and build emotional connections.

This is a very different yet effective approach to training. The key here is to bring your staff’s natural emotional intelligence to the surface and empowering them to give your customers the experience they need to have. Staff thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the results are literally next-day.

This training programme improves staff morale and they genuinely enjoy customers more. Customers can feel this energy and it impacts their experience enormously.

To keep your employees safe, training can be delivered virtually.


Solution Workshops

CX Change also runs solution workshops and action planning sessions.  It’s one thing to identify the issues but it’s pointless if we aren’t focusing effort on finding the right solution. Working with all of the relevant departments within your business, we’ll design solutions together. These workshops are ideal for addressing very specific issues that are impacting negatively on the customer such as a pain point (which is usually an employee pain point too!).

The cross-departmental approach works brilliantly. All stakeholders must be involved in finding the solution. They are the people who understand the challenges and know what will work best.

For every issue there are solutions to improve the customer experience, often more simple ones than we expect. By getting the right people together, we can greatly improve the experience for your customers and employees.